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Team Information

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"Ferradermis", FIRST Robotics Team 6574, was first envisioned over the Summer of 2016 and became reality when the 2016/17 school year began. Laura Masbruch, the Whitewater High School programming and computer science teacher, worked with high school students Roberto Soto and Justin Brantmeier to bring the team together during the Fall. By the following Spring the team had completed a build season and competed at their first competition: the Seven Rivers FRC regional in La Crosse Wisconsin. The team participated in a number of community events outside of build season, including the Christmas parade, Fourth of July parade, and a booth at the city fair.

The team's name is based on the Latin stem word for iron, "ferrum," and the technical term for skin, "dermis," combined to represent the phrase "ironskin."


Ferradermis operates through Whitewater High School and has been funded through grants and funds from businesses and local donors, and membership is free of charge to the students who participate. Team mentors include community members, parents, and teachers, as well as members of the UW-Madison Wisconsin Robotics team and Ferradermis alumni. For information about the team's mentors or a list of members, visit the Team Roster page.

Four of the team's drive team members standing on the edge of the playing field during the competition.

Ferradermis is divided into a number of sub-teams or divisions:

  • Mechanical/CAD
    (led by Captains Colin Chenoweth & Reilly Aschenbrener with Junior Captains Andrew Rollette & Elijah Grall)
    Mechanical works with the physical design and construction of the robot, including fabricating parts and assembling components. CAD works to design the robot components using Inventor.

  • Electrical/Programming (led by Gwynne Sahyun & Morgan Stillwagon) Electrical is concerned with the technological aspects of the robot, including the wiring and connection of other electrical components. Programming deals with writing the robot's code, controlling its behavior and input devices, and managing the software aspects of the various devices included in the robot.

  • The Competition Logistics Team (led by Shane Kinson) handles competition aspects of the design, such as scoring effectiveness of strategies or build goals, and competition-time responsibilities like developing game plans for matches and scouting other teams.

Team members are not restricted to being involved in a single division, and they are free to be involved with multiple aspects of the robot's development. In addition to these primary groups, other smaller teams exist for individuals or groups that want to be involved in more specific aspects of the team. These include:

  • The Business & Community Outreach Team (led by Rosie Aschenbrener & Jenna Lee), which handles fundraising, finances, and other business-related aspects of team management.

  • The Social Media Team (led by Brian Apgar), which manages the team's public presence and social media accounts.

  • The Safety Team (led by Morgan Hartwell), which ensures all members are upholding proper safety practices and rules.

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